TS 550C

TS 550C - Technical Data

  • Supply voltage : 24VDC ± 15% (but can operate down to 12 VDC)
  • 2 PNP outputs : 24VDC max 500 mA (short-circuit safe)
  • Free choise of direct or inverted function
  • Measuring range °C : -40°C til 180 °C, Configurations reslution = 0,1°C (IEC 751)
  • Hysteresis from on to off : Free configurable by 0,1°C resolution, symmetrical around set point´s value, minimum value = 0,2°C
  • Temperature sensor : PT100 (1/3 din B ), accuracy in °C: Better than ± (0,1x(measured temperature x 0,0017)
  • Calibration facilities : With PC conectet, Off set and Gain can be adjustet
    (with Off set = 0,00 °C and Gain = 1,0000, the IEC 751 standard is folowed).
  • 2 color LED indication : LED(green/red) in the side of the house indicates the device phases during operation.
  • Physical dimensions mm : BxHxL /22 x 30 x 38

    4 pole M12 connector or 4-wire kable (2 meters)
    Pin 1 24VDC
    Pin 2 PNP out 1 (max 500mA)
    Pin 3 0 V
    Pin 4 PNP out 2 (max 500mA)

Download PC application TC550C (zip) 

Download PC application TC550C (exe)


Did you know?

That Sensonic temperature gauges can measure temperature in a process pipe without welding a pocket?

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