Thermometric tests have shown that the surface temperature corresponds to the temperature of the liquid in a process pipe, if only there is a little flow in the pipe. The Sensonic surface sensor is designed so that the thermal energy-loss from the measuring point is minimal because of a very efficient self-insulation which gives the best possible temperature measuring.


  • Measuring temperature of process pipe without welding in a sensor pocket.
  • Minimal thermal loss from the measuring point.
  • Measure on pipes with demensions from 10 DN and upwards.
  • Ideal for aseptic processes.
  • Small dimensions.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Low mounting costs.
  • Economical temperature measuring.
  • Robust design.

Mounting instructions




When mounting onto a process pipe, where the temperature exceeds 80°C, follow the instructions on the drawing below, to avoid superheating of the unit.





Did you know?

That Sensonic temperature gauges can measure temperature in a process pipe without welding a pocket?

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